The Obvious Benefits of Wintering in Vietnam: A Comparison with Cambodia, Thailand and Indonesia

Take off your winter coat and exchange it for sunglasses. Why? Vietnam is ready to welcome you with a perfect climate for wintering. Compared to other countries such as Cambodia, Thailand and Indonesia, Vietnam offers an unparalleled experience.

Affordable Living: Vietnam vs. Cambodia

Saving money while wintering is important, right? Vietnam is king here. Overnight stays in a comfortable hotel cost an average of €15 per night. In comparison, Cambodia's average is around €18. With cheap food (under €2 for a local meal) and affordable transport, Vietnam offers excellent value.

Cultural Wealth: Vietnam vs. Thailand

Beyond the light shows of Thailand, you dive into a deep ocean of culture in Vietnam. Consider attending the vibrant 'Tet' festival, the Vietnamese New Year celebration, or strolling the ancient streets of Hoi An. Vietnam offers a unique cultural treasure chest to explore.

Natural Beauty: Vietnam vs. Indonesia

From the glistening rice fields of Sapa to the breathtaking coastline of Halong Bay, Vietnam is a nature lover's paradise. Sure, Indonesia has beautiful beaches, but the diversity of Vietnam's landscapes makes for a unique visual treat.

The Safety of Wintering in Vietnam

According to the Global Peace Index 2023, Vietnam ranks 31st, making it safer than many other popular wintering countries. The friendly locals contribute to the safe atmosphere, which gives you the comfort to enjoy your stay in peace.

The Unique Cuisine of Vietnam

Are you a foodie? Vietnam's world-famous 'pho' and 'banh mi' are just a start. The local cuisine, full of flavor and diversity, offers a gastronomic journey that will surprise your taste buds.

Do you already feel the warm sun on your face? With its affordable lifestyle, rich culture, beautiful landscapes, safe environment and delectable cuisine, Vietnam is a clear winner for wintering. Contact us today and take the first step for an unforgettable wintering experience. See you in Vietnam!