When winter approaches, many people start planning their wintering location. Two popular destinations are Spain and Vietnam. Although both countries have their own unique charms and advantages, wintering in Vietnam can be remarkably more beneficial and cheaper than in Spain. In this article we will compare these two destinations and explain why Vietnam should perhaps be your next winter destination.

First and foremost, when talking about cost of living, Vietnam is significantly cheaper than Spain. The cost of groceries, dining options, and local transportation costs are significantly lower in Vietnam. For example, a meal at a local restaurant in Vietnam can be enjoyed for less than €3, while in Spain it averages around €10. This means that the daily costs for food and drinks in Vietnam are a lot lower.


As for accommodation, here too Vietnam offers significant savings. Whether you choose an apartment in the city or an idyllic bungalow on the coast, rental prices in Vietnam are often less than half of what you would pay in Spain. This means that for the same budget you would spend in Spain, you can move into a more spacious and luxurious home in Vietnam.


Transport is also an important aspect to take into account. The costs for public transport or a taxi are much lower in Vietnam than in Spain. In addition, the cost of gasoline in Vietnam is also lower, if you decide to rent a car or motorcycle.


Healthcare in Vietnam is also very affordable, without sacrificing quality. Many medical treatments and medications are significantly cheaper than in Spain, which also contributes to the lower cost of living.

But let's not forget that wintering is not just about cost savings. Vietnam also offers a rich culture, breathtaking nature and delicious food. In addition, the locals are extremely friendly and hospitable, which makes your stay even more pleasant.

It is clear that wintering in Vietnam offers many advantages over Spain, especially in terms of the cost of living. Although the final choice depends on your personal preferences, Vietnam is definitely worth considering as your next winter destination.

If you decide to winter in Vietnam, our team is on hand to advise and help you plan your stay. We can help organize trips and make unforgettable memories in this beautiful country.


In summary, Vietnam is an affordable and enchanting country that offers everything you need for a comfortable and memorable winter stay. It is the perfect choice for those looking for a budget-friendly, culturally rich and scenic location to spend the winter months.