Accommodation: Camellia * * *

From €1,017 per month

Are you considering a month or more stay in scenic Vietnam? Let the Camellia Hotel in Ninh Binh be your home-away-from-home!

Our intimate hotel has only 10 rooms, so every guest receives personal attention and tranquility. The rooms are modern and equipped with a flat-screen internet TV, so you never miss the world news or your favorite shows.

The hospitable staff is always ready to help you, so you will immediately feel at home. And if you fancy some local cuisine or a quick snack, don't worry. Numerous restaurants and a small supermarket are just steps from our front door.

But the best thing about the Camellia Hotel? The location. Within walking distance you will find the enchanting Hoa Lu, the ancient town that comes alive every evening. Stroll through the atmospheric streets, absorb the culture and history, and watch the sun set against a backdrop of mountains and ancient structures.

And for the nature lovers among us: get on your bike or scooter and within just 5 minutes you will be surrounded by the breathtaking nature and mountains that Ninh Binh is so famous for.

So why wait? Book your winter stay at Camellia Hotel now and let Ninh Binh conquer a place in your heart. Here at Camellia, we don't just offer a stay, we offer an experience.