Language and Communication: Useful Words and Phrases in Vietnamese


A trip to Vietnam is not only an adventure full of breathtaking landscapes and delicious food, but also an introduction to a new culture and language. The Vietnamese language can be challenging for travelers, but knowing a few words and phrases can make a world of difference in your interactions with locals. In this mini phrasebook we share some useful words and phrases that can make your trip to Vietnam even more enjoyable.

Basic concepts

Let's start with some basic words that always come in handy:

  • Hello: Xin chào
  • Thank you: Cảm ơn
  • Yes: Co
  • No: Khong
  • Please: Lam ơn
  • Excuse: Xin lỗi

Food and drink

Vietnamese cuisine is diverse and tasty. Here are some phrases to help you order food:

  • I am a vegetarian: Tôi ăn chay
  • May I have the bill?: Tính tiền!
  • Delicious!: Ngon qua!
  • Water: Nước
  • Beer: Bia


Whether you travel by taxi, train, or scooter, these phrases may be helpful:

  • How much is it?: Bao nhiêu tiền?
  • I want to go to … : Tôi muốn đi đến …
  • Please stop here: See you soon
  • Is this the way to…?: Đây có phải đường đến … không?


In the event of an emergency, the following phrases are crucial:

  • Help!: Cứu!
  • Call an ambulance!: Gọi xe cứu thương!
  • I am ill: Tôi bị ốm
  • Police: Cảnh sat


Although English is increasingly spoken in Vietnam, especially in tourist areas, knowing a few basic Vietnamese words and phrases will greatly enrich your trip. Not only does it make communication with the locals easier, but it is also highly appreciated.

Learn Vietnamese during your stay

Do you want to expand your Vietnamese vocabulary and immerse yourself even further in the local culture? We have good news for you. During a longer stay we can arrange Vietnamese lessons for you. This not only allows you to master the basics of the language, but you can also delve deeper into more complex conversations and Vietnamese culture.

Volunteer work and language learning

Another exciting option is to volunteer at a local school to help teach English. It's a great way to give back to the community while improving your language skills. During these lessons you will also learn some Vietnamese in a playful way. It's a win-win situation: you help the locals learn English and they help you learn Vietnamese!


The Vietnamese language can be a challenge, but it is one that is very rewarding. Whether you're here to spend the winter or just for a short break, there are plenty of ways to enrich yourself by getting to know the language and culture. And who knows, you might like it so much that you decide to stay even longer!