Are you looking for a unique and cost-effective way to spend the winter? Then consider Vietnam, a destination that not only offers cultural richness and natural beauty, but can also be surprisingly affordable. Below you will find a detailed cost comparison between the Netherlands, Spain and Vietnam, which shows that a longer stay in Vietnam is exceptionally attractive, especially when you factor in the benefits of affordable medical and dental care.

Costs for accommodation

Country 1 Month (€) 2 Months (€) 3 Months (€)
The Netherlands 1442 2884 4326
Spain 1280 2400 3600
Vietnam 1665 2677 3675

average costs for 2 people, per month. Flight tickets to Vietnam are included in the calculation.

(Everyday) expenses and prices

Expense item Netherlands (€) Spain (€) Vietnam (€)
Restaurant (per meal for 2 persons) 60 40 15
Beer (per piece) 3 2 1
Hairdresser (1 visit) 25 20 3
Taxi ride (30 minutes) 40 25 10
Massage (1 hour) relaxation/medical 65 50 12
Healthcare (standard doctor visit) 30 40 8
Clothing and Personal Care (per month) 50 40 15
Manicure / Pedicure 35 28 7
Dentist: Crown (per piece) 800 600 200
Dentist: Veneers (per piece) 650-900 500-850 150-250


As you can see, Vietnam is an extremely economical choice for a longer stay. The costs for two or three months are surprisingly low, especially when you consider what you get in return. And there is more: consider the options for affordable dental treatments or other medical procedures that are often not reimbursed in the Netherlands.

In Vietnam we have access to high-quality medical facilities at prices that are only a fraction of what you would pay in the Netherlands. This makes your stay not only enjoyable, but also practical and economical.

Imagine enjoying the beautiful Vietnamese culture and nature, while taking care of your health and well-being, without the financial burden that this normally entails. We are ready to help you with all organizational aspects, so that you can enjoy your time in Vietnam without any worries.

Choose a carefree and enriching stay in Vietnam, where your well-being and wallet are central. Vietnam awaits you!