The Climate in Vietnam: Why Ninh Binh and Surroundings are Inviting All Year Round


When people think of the climate in Vietnam, the tropical south often comes to mind. However, Ninh Binh and its surroundings offer a different, but equally inviting, climate that makes the area very interesting all year round. Whether you want to spend the winter or are looking for a destination for every season, Ninh Binh has a lot to offer. In this article we zoom in on the climate in Ninh Binh and provide a comprehensive month-by-month analysis of the weather in this beautiful region.

Climate: General Characteristics

The climate in Ninh Binh is a subtropical humid climate. This means mild winters and warm summers, making it an ideal destination for travelers who want to enjoy pleasant weather all year round.

Monthly Weather Forecasts in Ninh Binh


  • Highest temperature: 20°C
  • Lowest temperature: 14°C

January is the coolest month, ideal for activities such as walking and cycling.


  • Highest temperature: 21°C
  • Lowest temperature: 15°C

February is slowly starting to warm up, but remains pleasant for outdoor activities.


  • Highest temperature: 23°C
  • Lowest temperature: 18°C

In March, temperatures start to rise and the landscape becomes greener.


  • Highest temperature: 28°C
  • Lowest temperature: 22°C

April is a warm month, perfect for exploring natural beauties such as the Tam Coc River.

May to September

  • Highest temperature: 35°C
  • Lowest temperature: 29°C

From May to September temperatures are high and there is a greater chance of rain. However, the rain usually falls in the late afternoon and evening, so you can do a lot during the day.

October to December

  • Highest temperature: 28°C
  • Lowest temperature: 15°C

These months are drier with milder temperatures, making them ideal for exploring the outdoors.

Not just for snowbirds

Although Vietnam is a popular winter destination, don't forget that the country has a lot to offer all year round. From sunny summers to mild winters, each season has its own unique charm.


The climate in Ninh Binh and the surrounding area offers travelers a wide range of options, regardless of the season. So whether you want to escape the cold or simply enjoy what Vietnam has to offer, Ninh Binh is a destination you won't want to miss.

Do you have more questions about the climate or are you interested in specific travel packages to Ninh Binh? Please feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you plan your ideal stay in this fascinating region.