Vietnam: The winter destination!
This is how you find the cheapest airline tickets

More and more people are discovering the joy of wintering in Southeast Asia. Vietnam in particular, with its pleasant winter climate, rich culture and affordable lifestyle, is high on the list of favorites. If you are also considering spending the cold months in Vietnam, read on. In this article the best tips and tricks to travel cheaply to the enchanting land of the rising dragon.

1. Understand the Climate

Vietnam, which extends over thousands of kilometers, experiences climate variations from north to south. While many choose central or southern Vietnam for its warm weather, Hanoi in the north offers a cooler but pleasant climate. Perfect for those who want to avoid the icy cold without plunging into tropical heat. Moreover, Hanoi's beauty and serenity make it an ideal wintering spot.

2. Be Flexible with your Travel Dates

Airline ticket prices fluctuate seasonally. Peak periods such as Tết (Vietnamese New Year) in January or February, and the summer holidays between June and August, see an influx of international tourists as well as locals. This results in higher prices. In contrast, months such as April, May and September are often calmer in terms of tourism and therefore offer cheaper tickets. Flexibility can save your wallet considerably.

3. Use Different Search Engines

Platforms such as Skyscanner, Kayak, Momondo and Google Flights are indispensable. Google Flights excels with its price alerts, giving you instant updates on fare changes for your chosen route to Hanoi.

4. Set Up Notifications for Rate Changes

Do you see an attractive flight, but are you hoping for an even better deal? Activate notifications. Both Skyscanner and Google Flights let you set up email alerts for certain routes, so you can stay informed of price changes. Tip: set alerts for flights from the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Trends can change, so keep an eye on different days and combine strategy with intuition to maximize savings.

5. Consider Nearby Airports

Düsseldorf, Cologne or Brussels can be surprisingly affordable alternatives. Compare prices and you might be pleasantly surprised.

6. Plan Long Term

Snowbirds often have the advantage of planning ahead. Booking your tickets 4-6 months before departure can reveal attractive deals.

7. Consider Stopovers

Don't see stopovers as a nuisance, but as a bonus. A quick exploration of an additional city before arriving in Vietnam can be both exciting and cost-effective.

8. Frequent Flyer Programs

Do you travel often or plan to do so? Join frequent flyer programs. The points can add up to huge discounts or even free flights.

9. Keep an eye on Promotions

Airlines such as Qatar Airways or Vietnam Airlines often have promotions. Sign up for their newsletters or follow them on social media to stay informed.

10. Understand the Visa Requirements

This is crucial for snowbirds. Good knowledge of visa requirements can protect you from unexpected costs.

11. Network with Other Snowbirds

Online communities and forums are full of snowbirds sharing their experiences and tips, including how to score the best airline ticket deals.


Vietnam is a paradise for anyone who wants to escape the winter cold and dive into a rich cultural adventure. With these tips you will not only save on your plane ticket, but you will also optimize your wintering experience in Vietnam. Have you ever wintered in Vietnam? Share your experiences and tips below in the comments. Have safe and warm travels!