Guests about their stay

Discover the authentic stories of guests who experienced the magic of Vietnam with us. In this section, travelers share their personal experiences, highlights and unforgettable moments of their stay. Each story is a unique perspective on how wintering in Vietnam made their trip special. Be inspired by the adventures of those who came before you and get an authentic idea of what to expect from your own journey with us.

Slightly skeptical

March 29, 2024

Everything was promised on the website, so we were slightly skeptical. Yes, yes, it will.

But it really was like this:

We were met at the airport by a very friendly man who told us all kinds of things during the ride and gave good tips, such as the taxi app and a SIM card for the country. This later turned out to contribute enormously to the pleasure of traveling there.

We also asked about our preference for an extensive introduction to the ins and outs of Ninh Binh and the surrounding area or an occasional visit to a single attraction and then visiting it immediately. We chose the latter. That turned out to be a good choice.

We also received a hotel upgrade due to TET (the Chinese New Year's Eve). We have not regretted that either. The new hotel turned out to be better in terms of location and was also less affected by the party.

We also indicated that we wanted to rent bicycles, and Marcel (the friendly man, who also turned out to have a great sense of humor) immediately offered his mountain bike for free.

And this was only the first few hours.

For 4 weeks we saw him regularly or he texted that he was going somewhere tomorrow and asked if we wanted to come along. We went out with his family and had dinner and excursions. We ate at his house, regularly received roasted peanuts from his wife, etc. Partly because of this we saw parts of the country and the population that we probably would not have seen otherwise.

And as for the promise of help 24/7. Of course we didn't abuse it, but you could ask him anything and he did his best to solve it.

In short: a nice guy and wintering in Vietnam is highly recommended.

Hans & Frits

Oasis of Peace and Hospitality

March 14, 2024

An Phu Homestay is truly a hidden gem in beautiful Ninh Binh. From the moment I arrived I was warmly welcomed by the friendly host and hostess. The accommodation itself is charming and cozy, surrounded by lush greenery and soothing sounds of nature. My bungalow was comfortable and spotless, with its own bathroom with all necessities.

What really sets this homestay apart is the personal touch and attention to detail. The hosts did everything they could to make my stay memorable, from arranging local excursions to serving delicious home-cooked meals. I really felt at home, away from home.

I highly recommend An Phu Homestay to anyone looking for an authentic and welcoming experience in Vietnam. I definitely plan to return and enjoy this beautiful place even more!”

Sophia van der Meer

I can highly recommend spending the winter in Ninh Binh

March 4, 2024

I am Jack and I am 69 years young and I wintered in Ninh Binh from January 17 to February 25. Marcel picked me up with a big smile. It was a relaxing start to my holiday in Vietnam. Marcel arranged a SIM card for me, arranged the rental of a mountain bike and arranged appointments the foot salon and massage parlour. He also gave tips for making trips in the area. You could always reach Marcel for advice.

My hotel was on the outskirts of the city and was 3.5 kilometers from the old city. You can get there in no time by taxi. The taxi is very cheap. Marcel shows you the most important places with his car, which you can visit again afterwards by bike or taxi with more time. The nature and culture are beautiful and the people are very friendly.

The weather in Ninh Binh was very changeable. The temperatures ranged from 15 to 30 degrees. Pleasant days alternated with cold and rainy days. Please note that the weather is not always nice and dry.

A translation app and Grab app for the taxi are very useful on your mobile phone. I can highly recommend wintering in Ninh Binh for people who are flexible and have experience traveling outside Europe. There is plenty to see and do with Marcel in the background if there are any questions.


Grateful for this unique experience

March 1, 2024

As an avid traveler, my stay in Ninh Binh, organized by Overwintering in Vietnam, was one of the most memorable experiences. My name is Tom, and during my stay in January and February I experienced the beauty and culture of Vietnam in a very personal and intimate way.

The hospitality of the team and the llocal population was heart-warming. I had the pleasure of being guided by Luong, who was not only my guide but also became a good friend. He showed me the hidden treasures of Ninh Binh, from beautiful temples to breathtaking nature reserves.

Luong also took me on a local boat tour, where I had the chance to experience the majestic rivers and karst mountains. In addition, he introduced me to local artisans, where I learned more about traditional Vietnamese arts.

This trip has enriched my view of Vietnam and its culture, and I am extremely grateful to Wintering in Vietnam for this unique experience. I look forward to returning and having more adventures!


A dream that came true

February 25, 2024

My name is Linda, and I had the pleasure of staying in Ninh Binh this winter. From the moment I arrived, I felt welcomed and at ease, thanks to the warm welcome from the Wintering in Vietnam team. They not only arranged my transportation but also ensured a comfortable stay and countless local experiences.

The staff, especially Huyen, were incredibly helpful, providing me with valuable tips on local markets, restaurants and hidden gems in the area. I enjoyed cycling through the breathtaking scenery, sampling the local cuisine and participating in traditional Vietnamese festivals.

The highlight of my stay was the personal cooking class organized by the team where I learned how to prepare the famous Pho. My stay in Ninh Binh, organized by Overwintering in Vietnam, was truly a dream come true, and I would recommend this experience to anyone.