What do you think of when you hear the word 'Christmas'?

Snowflakes, hot chocolate by the fireplace, Christmas trees with glittering lights? How would you like to exchange those images for something completely different? What if you exchange baubles and snowmen for lanterns and ornate temples? Let me take you to a Vietnamese Christmas.

December in Vietnam, and especially in Ninh Binh, has a very different character than what you are used to in the Netherlands. Instead of icy cold and snow, you'll experience a mild climate, perfect for exploring the breathtaking limestone formations and lush green landscapes. Have you ever experienced the magic of Ninh Binh during the holidays? The limestone formations shrouded in a soft winter mist offer a fairytale view.

Food is a central part of Vietnamese culture and the holidays are no different. During my first Christmas in Vietnam I was surprised with a bowl full of 'Bánh Xèo'. These crispy Vietnamese pancakes were a welcome change from the usual Christmas stollen. You can also warm yourself with a steaming bowl of 'Phở', a spicy and hearty Vietnamese noodle soup, while the smells of fresh herbs and grilled meat waft through the streets.

For those who miss the festivities as they know them in the Netherlands, there are also Christmas celebrations in Vietnam. While it may not be as traditional as back home, Vietnam's Christmas celebrations are a lovely mix of local traditions and Western influences. You will find beautifully decorated churches, streets full of lights and a communal sense of joy and festivity.

Vietnamese people are known for their hospitality and this is especially evident during special occasions such as Christmas. There's no better time to get to know the locals, experience their traditions and immerse yourself in their way of life.

A New Christmas Tradition Awaits You in Vietnam

Imagine: a Christmas celebration amid picturesque landscapes, enriched by new culinary discoveries and surrounded by the warm hospitality of Vietnamese culture. Are you ready to start a new Christmas tradition?